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After completing a BA Fine Art (sculpture) at Exeter College of Art and Design in 1980 Bennett established her studio at Spacex, where she was also a member of the Council of Management. She had her first one person show at Spacex Gallery in 1982, exhibiting regularly across the UK and in Europe.

Her art practice explores interactions between subjects and their surroundings, particularly institutional sites, both historical and contemporary. She uses a range of methods and material processes and endeavours to imbue the artwork with an affective 'charge' that may elicit critical, interpretative and associative responses on the part of the audience.

Sarah has 35 years of higher education experience in Fine Art at BA, Masters and PhD level and and has recently retired as Head of the School of Art and Architecture at Kingston School of Art (KSA), London. Her studio and home are in Devon, UK.
Artist Sarah Bennett
Photo: Andy Klunder


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